Edited by Geraldine Rohman
ISBN: 978-953-56942-5-0
© 2017 by the authors; licensee IAPC, Zagreb, Croatia.
This book is an open-access book distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license.
DOI: 10.5599/obp.14.0

Biodegradable polymers: recent developments and new perspectives

by Geraldine Rohman

Due to their various qualities, such as lightness, chemical and microbial stability, non-degradable polymeric materials are routinely used in a wide range of applications in everyday life. However, due to the growing concern for environmental and waste management issues, bio-based and biodegradable polymers have recently raised great interest. Produced from renewable or petroleum resources, these polymers are hydrolytically or enzymatically degraded. As a consequence, they have numerous advantages, so that they find applications in packaging and biomedical field, such as drug delivery, tissue engineering and as temporary implants. Nevertheless, their main drawbacks are a higher cost in comparison with commodity polymers, and inferior properties. Therefore, researches on bio-based and biodegradable polymers must be continued in order to improve their performances and penetrate new markets.

The aim of this book is to address advances in the field and proposes alternative ways for polymer degradation. Some chapters are dedicated to the synthesis of innovative biodegradable and bio-based polymers, while others focus on their properties improvement. Some examples of biopolymer expectations in biomedical or food applications are also discussed. Finally, biodegradability potential of vinyl polymers is approached.

Chapter 1. Enzymes catalysing the synthesis and degradation of beta-linked biopolymers and their applications Download
by Tomohiro Hiraishi, Seiichi Taguchi
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.11
Downloaded: 12
Chapter 2. Exploring biodegradable polymer production from marine microbes Download
by Alagarsamy Arun, Kulanthaisamy Mohan Rasu
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.7
Downloaded: 7
Chapter 3. New promising biodegradable polyesters derived from poly((R,S)-3,3-dimethylmalic acid) for cardiovascular applications Download
by Rima Belibel, Christel Barbaud
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.12
Downloaded: 5
Chapter 4. Biodegradable polymers from monomers based on vegetable oils Download
by Jingjiang Sun, Dirk Kuckling
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.3
Downloaded: 12
Chapter 5. Synthesis and structure-property relationships of biodegradable polyurethanes Download
by Marija Pergal, Milica Balaban
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.6
Downloaded: 8
Chapter 6. Plasma surface functionalization of biodegradable electrospun scaffolds for tissue engineering applications Download
by Rouba Ghobeira, Nathalie De Geyter, Rino Morent
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.4
Downloaded: 11
Chapter 7. Biodegradable polymers for dental tissue engineering and regeneration Download
by Raffaele Conte, Adriana De Luise, Orsolina Petillo, Carlo Rengo, Francesco Riccitiello, Anna Di Salle, Anna Calarco, Gianfranco Peluso
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.5
Downloaded: 10
Chapter 8. Innovative next-generation PLGA microparticles with multifunctional architecture Download
by Eric Sah, Hongkee Sah
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.2
Downloaded: 8
Chapter 9. Preparation of Parenteral in situ Gel Formulation Based on smart PLGA polymer: Concepts to Decrease Initial Drug Burst and extend drug release Download
by Tarek A Ahmed, Zahid Hussain
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.1
Downloaded: 4
Chapter 10. Perspective potential of polymer-based biosensor chips in food industry and clinical diagnostics Download
by Nadira Ibrišimović Mehmedinović, Mirza Ibrišimović, Aldina Kesić, Snježana Marić
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.9
Downloaded: 4
Chapter 11. PLA−OMMT nanocomposites manufactured by reactive extrusion Download
by Félix Carrasco, Orlando Santana, Jonathan Cailloux, Maria Maspoch
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.10
Downloaded: 6
Chapter 12. Strong biodegradability of vinyl polymers exerted by insertion of N-benzyl-4-vinyl-pyridinium halide into the main chain Download
by Nariyoshi Kawabata
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.14.8
Downloaded: 8
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