Edited by Jitendra Naik
ISBN: 978-953-56942-2-9
© 2015 by the authors; licensee IAPC, Zagreb, Croatia.
This book is an open-access book distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license.
DOI: 10.5599/obp.8.0

Nano Based Drug Delivery

by Jitendra Naik

Successful treatment of various illnesses and disorders heavily relies on efficient drug delivery vehicles in order for drug to reach the site of action. The drug delivery systems must provide controlled permeability and distribution of drug, targeting only those organs or biomolecules  to be treated. 

Recently, nano drug delivery systems have shown promising treatment application for many illnesses such as infectious diseases, viral infections, cancer and genetic disorders. They could be used in combination with different therapies including radio-therapy, gene-therapy etc.  Nano drug delivery systems overcome traditional limitations of conventional drug delivery systems such as poor bioavalilaility and biodistribution. With nano drug delivery system it is possible to penetrate those sites which are difficult to reach by other drug delivery systems. This way cell-specific targeting is achieved minimising the influence on vital tissues and undesirable side effects.

The aim of this book is to overview recent advances and achievements in nano drug delivery systems and to provide wide coverage and possible future applications in the field.

Chapter 1. Nanotechnology and its implications in therapeutics Download
by Anuja Patil, Harsiddhi Chaudhary, Kisan Jadhav, Vilasrao Kadam
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.1
Downloaded: 23
Chapter 2. Nanodrug administration routes Download
by Letícia Colomé, Eduardo Bender, Sandra Haas
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.2
Downloaded: 12
Chapter 3. Nano-based drug delivery system Download
by Gamze Eskiler, Gokhan Dikmen, Lütfi Genç
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.3
Downloaded: 16
Chapter 4. Characterization of drug-loaded nanoparticles Download
by Irina Kalashnikova, Norah Albekairi, Sanaalarab Al-Enazy, Erik Rytting
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.4
Downloaded: 8
Chapter 5. Nano-drugs therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma Download
by Florin Graur
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.5
Downloaded: 4
Chapter 6. Applications of nanparticle based drug delivery systems in bone tissue engineering Download
by Junjun Fan, Guoxian Pei
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.6
Downloaded: 9
Chapter 7. Nanoparticle-mediated siRNA delivery for lung cancer treatment Download
by Anish Babu, Narsireddy Amreddy, Ranganayaki Muralidharan, Anupama Munshi, Rajagopal Ramesh
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.7
Downloaded: 5
Chapter 8. Apoferritin: protein nanocarrier for targeted delivery Download
by Simona Dostalova, Zbynek Heger, Jiri Kudr, Marketa Vaculovicova, Vojtech Adam, Marie Stiborova, Tomas Eckschlager, Rene Kizek
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.8
Downloaded: 8
Chapter 9. Silica and ORMOSIL nanoparticles for gene delivery Download
by Joana C. Matos, Gabriel. A. Monteiro, M. Clara Gonçalves
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.9
Downloaded: 8
Chapter 10. Intracellular delivery and sensing based on polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules Download
by Moritz Nazarenus, Pilar Rivera Gil, Wolfgang Parak
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.10
Downloaded: 8
Chapter 11. A new perspective to lipid nanoparticles for oral drug delivery Download
by Neslihan Üstündağ Okur, Mehmet Evren Okur, Evren Gündoğdu
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.11
Downloaded: 7
Chapter 12. A general overview of the nano-sized carriers for cancer treatment Download
by Jeyshka Reyes-González, Frances Pietri-Vázquez, Pablo Vivas-Mejia
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.12
Downloaded: 20
Chapter 13. Targeting strategies for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infections Download
by Daniela Lopes, Cláudia Nunes, M. Cristina Martins, Bruno Sarmento, Salette Reis
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.13
Downloaded: 10
Chapter 14. Polymeric micelles for cutaneous drug delivery Download
by Sevgi Güngör, Emine Kahraman, Yıldız Özsoy
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.14
Downloaded: 16
Chapter 15. Colloidal carriers in the topical treatment of dermatological diseases Download
by Sevgi Güngör, M. Sedef Erdal, Sinem Güngördük
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.15
Downloaded: 10
Chapter 16. Biocompatible vitamin D3 nanoparticles in drug delivery Download
by Sandeep Palvai, Sudipta Basu
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.16
Downloaded: 9
Chapter 17. In-situ drug synthesis at cancer cells for molecular targeted therapy by molecular layer deposition - conceptual proposal Download
by Tetsuzo Yoshimura
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.17
Downloaded: 4
Chapter 18. Drug delivery systems by macrocyclic assemblies Download
by Yu Liu, Kun-Peng Wang, Yong Chen
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.18
Downloaded: 8
Chapter 19. Ultrasound-mediated drug delivery Download
by Yufeng Zhou
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.19
Downloaded: 2
Chapter 20. Copper sulfide nanoparticles: from synthesis to biomedical applications Download
by Yuanyuan Qiu, Lei Lu, Dehui Hu, Zeyu Xiao
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.20
Downloaded: 9
Chapter 21. Potential use of hybrid iron oxide gold nanoparticles as drug carriers Download
by Anthony Curtis, Clare Hoskins
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.21
Downloaded: 2
Chapter 22. Pleiotropic functions of magnetic nanparticles for ex vivo gene transfer and cell transplatation therapy Download
by Daisuke Kami, Masashi Toyoda, Masatoshi Watanabe, Satoshi Gojo
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.22
Downloaded: 3
Chapter 23. Essential oil nanodelivery systems Download
by Deborah Falcão, Samanta Mourão, Juliana de Araujo, Patricia Pereira, Anne Caroline Cardoso, Kessiane de Almeida, Fiorella Zibetti, Barbara Lima
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.23
Downloaded: 6
Chapter 24. Cellular magnetic targeting and coronary embolism Download
by Zheyong Huang, Yunli Shen, Ning Pei, Juying Qian, Junbo Ge
DOI number: 10.5599/obp.8.24
Downloaded: 3
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