Why publish with IAPC OBP?
    Advantages of publishing within IAPC OBP environment are numerous:
    • Fast publishing
    • Authors remain unrestricted copyrights of their work
    • High visibility
    • High impact
    • Rigorous peer review ensures high quality of contributions
    • Very low publishing fees
    How the procedure works?

    Chapter submissions

    Authors can suggest a chapter with the topic belonging to the scope of the one of the announced book under the Future titles page. Before submission authors are required to register at IAPC OBP system. Upon registration new submission can be made by clicking the corresponding link and follow the procedure of entering article metadata and other necessary information. Editor of the book will receive the new submission and immediately start peer review procedure. Depending on the Editor and reviewers, one or more revisions of the chapter might be required. When the chapter achieves the quality standards required by IAPC OBP it will be published according the publishing schedule of the particular book.

    Book suggestion

    Authors are invited to suggest completely new title of the book. If the title is approved by the Editorial board of IAPC OBP the new book is announced under the Future title page and suggesting author will be consideredas the Editor of the book. In that case his/her main responsibility would be to ensure the high qualities of the submitted chapters and to control the workflow toward the book completion.

    Is there an article processing charge (APC) and why?

    Yes, there is an article processing charge (APC). Due to inherent difference of OBP system to other publsihers, IAPC is not able to cover its publication and editorial costs through institution or individual subscriptions to its content. The costs covered by APC include peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining and archiving.

    However, IAPC believes in free scientific information sharing and as a result these charges are kept to minimum of 530 €.

    Are there any other expenses for the authors?

    All articles and books must have acceptable English level and as a consequence all contributions undergo as a part of Editorial procedure English proofreading by the leading academic proofreading professionals. However, those contributions for which an extensive English correction is required, English proofreading surcharge (EPS) of 200 € applies. Apart from APC and EPS authors pay no other fees.

    Is there a possibility of waiving APC?

    IAPC keeps a fund for supporting authors from low-income countries and it is possible to waive the APC to them partially or completely. The waiver requests will be considered on an individual basis. However, please note that in the case of getting the waiver EPS, if required, still applies.